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  1. Film Terbaru says

    This turned out amazing!! I no longer have to buy hummus wraps at the grocery store for $10!

    • Sam | Ahead of Thyme says

      Haha, yes don't waste your money when it's so easy to make at home!

  2. Mark, Compass & Fork says

    That's a great thing to do with leftover hummus. I prefer wraps to bread as there is more filling to bread content. Looks great.

    • Sam | Ahead of Thyme says

      Thanks, Mark! I prefer wraps too for that exact same reason 🙂

  3. Lisa | Garlic + Zest says

    This sounds like a winner to me. Light and healthy. I might even throw in some roasted red pepper (my favorite)

    • Sam | Ahead of Thyme says

      Yum, roasted red pepper is amazing in hummus!

  4. Jessica {Swanky Recipes} says

    I love wraps and currently am on a hummus kick. Just love all the flavors here, yum!

    • Sam | Ahead of Thyme says


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